Unicorn Tribe Toastmasters



To create a Toastmasters club that serves as a “tribe of communicators” who imbue a sense of family and nurturing for each other.  

Where we …

Create an ego-free zone in which members encourage each other to learn from each other the skills of communication and leadership. These skills include “emotional intelligence,” cultural intelligence, communication skills, leadership skills and just plain universal fun. 

Promote mentorship as the beginning and the end, and where no one is allowed to fall back.  

Commit ourselves as members to the process of mentorship and learning. 

Are bound together by the circle of mentorship. 

Club Hard Wiring

Mission and Vision Driven

We provide supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

  • Members read Toastmasters Mission together at the beginning of each meeting.
  • The club annually reviews the club vision.

Mentor Focused

  • Members engage in Mentor Minutes, meeting with their mentors for 10 minutes during the meeting break.
  • A Mentor Matrix is used so that we all learn from each other. Everyone has a golden nugget to share.

Truly Tribal

  • Members give self-introductions at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Tribal members are accountable to their peer members and their club. Members who will be absent will share with the club membership chair the reason for the absence. The membership chair will provide a membership report on the status of absent members at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Executive follow up with absent members, sending a note that positively addresses the concern for the members absence (for example, saying “I missed you” or “Sorry you are sick.”) 

Values in what we think, say and do

  • Our core values are a standard we set for ourselves not a yardstick to measure others
  • We act with integrity.  What we say, think and do is who we are.
  • We respect ourselves and each other.
  • We commit to serving on the executive once every 3 years
  • We commit to fulfilling each role we sign up for to the best of our ability
  • We commit to excellence – we celebrate where we are and what we have accomplished and continue to inspire each other to seek the next level. 

Motivated to Learn

  • Each meeting features a 5-10 minute education session.
  • General Evaluator invites members to turn to person next to them and share the learning they are taking from the meeting.

Meetings Planned and Prepared (yet playful)

  • Each meeting has a theme
  • Themes are listed a minimum of 6 weeks ahead to give members time to be creative 
  • A printed or on-screen agenda will be available at every meeting.
  • Roles for the next meeting will be confirmed before closing meeting.
  • Word of the Night is sent out a week ahead so members can practice and become proficient.

Table Topics

  • Creative & fun! 

Practiced in Parliamentary Procedure

  • An 8-minute business meeting is scheduled for every two weeks, featuring 60-90 second executive reports. 
  • Business meetings also feature fun motions to learn and grow.

Embrace and Celebrate Cultural Diversity 

  • Members respect cultural diversity and support creating a mutual-learning environment