About Unicorn Tribe Toastmasters Club

Unleash the Unicorn within you.

We aspire to become Unicorns – extraordinary leaders and outstanding communicators.

Comfortable in leading and speaking at all situations, a Unicorn demonstrates its unique leadership style and brings valuable contribution to any organization it is part of.

With high level of emotional intelligence, a Unicorn fosters inclusiveness.

It raises the bar of excellence and motivates others for action.

Everyone can be a Unicorn. What you need is continuous practice and a safe space to do so.

Join us, and unleash the Unicorn within you.

What makes Unicorn Tribe Toastmasters Club special (UTTC value proposition)

Unicorn Tribe Toastmasters Club is a high-quality / high-functioning club that commits to providing each of its members the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Toastmasters to its fullest. Our club embodies the values of Toastmasters and follows its principles by the book, ensuring the best possible member experience and personal growth.

By joining UTTC, you will:

  • Improve your public speaking and communication skills in a safe, supportive and ego-free environment where you can practice without any risks of failure.
  • Build leadership skills through continuous learning and speaking opportunities:  crafting speeches and presenting in front of an audience, providing constructive feedback to peers, practicing impromptu speaking, chairing a meeting, and much more.
  • Be part of a fun and friendly community of motivated learners who aspire for excellence in leadership and communication, committed to constantly supporting and learning from each other.
  • Enjoy mentorship from an experienced club member who will support you with feedback that will help you grow.
Club Manifesto

To create a Toastmasters club that serves as a “tribe of communicators” who imbue a sense of family and nurturing for each other.

Where we …

Create an ego-free zone in which members are encouraged to learn from each other the skills of communication and leadership. These skills include emotional and cultural intelligence and how to have fun.

Where we …

Promote mentorship as the beginning and the end, and where no one is allowed to fall back. We are bound together by the circle of mentorship.